把下列的数字补充完整。. o__e 2. t__o 3. th__ee 4. fo__r 5. ei__ht . se__en 7. si__ 8. f__ve
【问答题】You are shopping on the site: http: // www. Shopping. com, and you want to buy a TV set, what does this article suggest to do?A. Order the TV set at once.B. Do not buy the TV set on this site.C. E-mail the site your credit-card information.D. Tell the site your password and buy the TV set for you.判断题根据短文判断下列句子的正误,正确的写T,错误的写F,并将正确答案写在答题纸相应的地方。(共5小题,每小题3分,共15分)PassageThreeLarge companies need a way to reach the savings of the public at large. The same problem, on a smaller scale, faces practically every company trying to develop new products and create new jobs. There can be little hope of raising themoney needed from friends and people we know, and while banks may agree to provide short-term finance(资金), they are generally unwilling to provide money, for long-term projects. So companies turn to the public, inviting people to lend them money, or take a share in the business in exchange for a share in future interests. This they do by issuing stocks and shares in the business through the Stock Exchange. By doing so,they can put into circulation the savings of single persons and institutions, both at home and abroad.When the saver needs his money back, he does not have to go to the company with whom he originally placed it. Instead he sells his shares through a stockbroker(证券经纪人) to some other saver who is seeking to__his money.Many of the services needed both by industry and by each of us are provided by the government or by local organizations. Without hospitals, roads, electricity, telephones and railways, this country could not work. All these require continuous spending on new equipment and new development if they are to serve us properly, requiring more money than it is raised through taxes alone. The government, local organizations and nationalized industries therefore frequently need to borrow money to finance(给…提供资金) major capital spending, and they, too, come to the Stock Exchange.
2、指出下列程序段的功能,并写出程序的运行结果BUF DB 'hello world!'………………LEA DX,BUFMOV AH,09INT 21HHLT该程序段的功能是:__
3、若"只有小刘是公务员,小刘才懂行政管理"为假,则( D )为真。
4、王船山反对绝对君权,主张尊君也有一.定的条件。他认为君主以"天下之公",那么君国就能长久,否则就会败亡。( )
5、存放新收稻谷的房间,时常出现潮湿与闷热的现象,这是因为稻谷的( )
9、听录音,给下列动物排序。 ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )
10、输入输出中断包括外部输入中断、脉冲串输出中断以及( )。
11、职位薪酬体系的优点是( )。
12、permit deny S0 F0/0(或fastethemet0/0) S0(或serial 0)
13、阳浮床"漏Na+"时影响阴浮床对( )
14、X4Ea08a3undefined变压器低电压起动的过电流保护的电压元件接在降压变压器( )
15、某地铁工程施工中,业主将12个车站的土建工程分别发包给12个土建施工单位,将12座车站的机电安装分别发包给12家机电安装单位,这种承发包的模式属于( )
16、平面图形若有两根对称轴,则这两根对称轴的交点必为形心。( )
17、物流组织机构有非正式物流组织、半正式物流组织、正式的物流组织三种可供 选择的组织。( T )
18、肩周炎是一种慢性无菌性炎症,抗生素治疗无效( )
19、[多选题]在坚持一件事的时候 , 至少要一段时间不给自己找不坚持的理由。因为
20、帮助蝗虫呼吸的结构是( )